Air Duct Cleaning Houston Speed Dry Usa

Air Duct Cleaning Houston Speed Dry Usa


Air duct cleaning houston speed dry usa air duct cleaning in houston speed dry usa houston air duct cleaning speed dry usa


Air Duct Cleaning Houston Speed Dry Usa Air Duct Cleaning In Houston Speed Dry Usa Houston Air Duct Cleaning Speed Dry Usa Best Air Duct CleaningBest Air Duct Cleaning Company In St Louis


My Name Is Daya And I Am The Owner Of Cura Home, Today We Are Going To Go Through The Process Of Deep Cleaning Of Air Ducts, The Purpose Of An Air Duct Is Essentially To Provide Fresh Clean Air To Your Home We Provide Air Duct Cleaning And Routine Home Maintenance Services Where It Does All That Once A Quarter At Our Customers’ Homes


Which You Are Supposed To Do As A Perfect Homeowner But Not Many People Have The Time Or Neglect When We Clean The Air Ducts We Go Through And We Clean The Whole System So We Start At The Upper Level And We Work Our Way Through The Whole House,

Depending On Who And What Is Living In The House, The Debris We Find Inside The Air Ducts Varies Greatly. Things Like Skin Cells, Dust, Pet Debris, Pet Hair, Which You Then See

When You Wipe Your Feet With Rugs While Walking Indoors, An Air Duct Can Be Found Inside, This Air Duct Probably Hasn’t Been Cleaned In More Than 50 Years.

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Houston Air Duct Cleaning Speed Dry Usa


Years Additionally The Person Th In This House In Life Has Also Smoked And Has Pets So This Is A Very Serious Air Duct That Can Actually Smell It Has An Old House Smell Build Up Over Time

If It’s A Really Light Color We’re Often Looking For Sawdust Or Sheet Rock Dust. It’s From Construction Debris Because We Get Into Darker Colors, Sometimes Smoking Indoors Gives Off More Of The Yellow Color And As Such It Gets Darker At Times.

We Are More Concerned About The Issue Of Moisture Which Can Eventually Turn Dark Are Going To Be Allowed To Be Put Into The Air Duct.

A Clear Dome On The Cover And We Are Going To Connect Our Hepa Vacuum To The Dome, Once Those Items Are In Place We Are Going To Turn On The Air Compressor And This Allows The Hose To Move Forward With The Reverse Blasting Ball Is.


The Clear Dome That The Air Duct Is Used For Is Important Because It Creates A Sealed Environment So We’re Getting All The Dust Debris Out Of The House And We’re Not Making A Mess Inside The House, But It’s Also Important Because It Creates A Really Nice Suction Area

So That All The Power And Vacuum From The Air Compressor Is Working Together And To Push The Debris Out We Can Twist And Twist That Hose So That We Can Go To Any Corner Once We Get To The End Trunk Line So We Can Feel That In The Air Compressor Hose And We’re Going

Slowly Pull It Back At About A Foot Per Second As We Are Doing This So That We Can See All The Dust And Debris Being Removed From The Air Duct Come Through That Clear Dome And Once Completed Afterwards The Hepa Goes Into The Vacuum.

Air Duct Cleaning In Houston Speed Dry Usa


Cleaning Suggests That A Little Bit Of Dust And Debris Has Gotten On The End Of The Air Hose And It’s Really Important To Take Your Vacuum And Clean Out All That Extra Debris That Often Comes, Which Is Where You’ll Find Real Treasures Like Bug Toys Dog Toys. Toys Such As Bone Items Actually Placed Too Far Into The Air Duct

And All Of Our Equipment Has Pulled It Out To Clean Dust And Debris Found On The Inside Or Outside Events, You’ll Want To Remove The Vent First And Close The Vacuum And You’ll Remove Most Of The Dust And Debris. Going To Remove

Then We Put The Vent Cover Back On And Replace The Screw Back In The Original Format Making Sure The Area Is Nice And Clean And That All The Air Inside Your House Is Clear Of Debris Going Through Your Furnace Regularly Is ,

Air Duct Cleaning Houston Speed Dry Usa


By Having A Clean Clean Furnace Filter It Is Going To Catch All The Dust And Debris That Is Spreading Depending On The Style Of Furnace Filter, You May Have One That Needs To Be Cleaned.

Regularly And You Can Do This By Using Hepa Vacuum And Brush Locate Furnace Filter Inside Your Furnace And Remove That Door And Take Out That Furnace Filter,

The Next Thing You Want To Do Is Take Your Vacuum And Top Up The Furnace Filter To Make Sure You’re Cleaning Really Well And Thoroughly.

The Reason A Dryer Vent Is Allowing Exhaust From The Dryer To Be Pushed Outside The House Is Because Lint Builds Up Inside That Dryer Vent Over Time In Order To Clean Properly.

Dryer Vents: Usually All You Need Is An Air Compressor And You Can Use A Reverse Blasting Ball Or A Whip To Place It Inside The Dryer Vent.

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We’re Going To Find That Exhaust Outside The House And We’re Going To Put The Air Compressor Hose Inside The Dryer Vent And We’re Going To Turn It On, Which Will Drive Itself Into The Dryer And Remove All The Lint That Has Built Up Over Time,

Heat Is Being Pushed Through That Dryer Vent And If The Dryer Vent Doesn’t Have Proper Air Flow It Is Very Easy For That Lint To Become Flammable And Start A Fire,

We Recommend That Your Dryer Vents Be Cleaned On An Annual Basis To Prevent A Build-up Of Lint And To Reduce The Chance Of A Fire Starting In Your Home Based On Your Current Temperature.

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