Black Widow Showtimes

Black Widow Showtimes


This Time We’re Covering Black Widow Based On Her Appearance From The Movie Avengers, Let’s Fix That Your Picture On The Box Is A Little Cute Picture And I’m Going To Show You Something Really Interesting That I Did On The Box Looked To The Right You Get To See His Symbol There

Which Is Like Black Widow’s Hourglass, When I Was Reviewing My Thor I Saw She Had Hammer Room On The Side Of Her Box I Don’t Know If It’s Just Marketing Or That’s How They Were Marketing Going To Represent The Figures On The Box,

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But Anyway That Was An Interesting Review To Uh Is An Action Figure But A Friend At Work Told Me That An Action Figure Is An Action Figure It Is Supposed To Be A Doll

That Looks Like Hair, It’s Not Molded Or Sculpted Plastic So Is It A Doll Or I Don’t Think It’s A Dome And I Think I’m Ok With That Anyway It’s My In My Collection The First Doll. Let’s Go Ahead And Show Some Cracks Here

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I Hope You Guys Don’t See It If I Show You Her Tatas I Have A Bit Of Class Pretty Standard Articulation There I Have To Do That So I Have To Say Is She A Doll This Product Is A Doll So This Probably The Most Adorable Doll I Have Ever Seen Scarlett Johansson Is A Very Attractive Actress

Which I Really Liked And Whether She Was Lost In Translation With Bill Murray I Was A Few Years Ago I Actually Think I Was Back In 2004 And She Debuted That Role With Bill Murray, So Well That The Fabric Should Imitate Leather But It Feels Like Feather Which Is Ok I Mean I Don’t Expect Them

That I Don’t Expect This Figure Is On Genuine Leather But The Feather Works I Mean I Think If The Leather Works Great Your Pistols Are Pretty Neat Against Your Glox See That Do They Work Oh Oh That Was A Little Sound Effect, I Thought It Would Be Nice To Play Around With Ci If You Notice.

‘do not Like How His Joints Are Like Bends And His Happiness Doesn’t Look Great I Don’t Know I’m Not Impressed Wings Don’t Hold When I Move His Elbow Or His Shoulder I Guess You Can’t Be A Superhero Without Wearing Heels Now Let’s Move On

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Put Those Pistols On His Holster See How He Works That Sheet Comes With Ray Um’s Power Staff That Looks Really Cool I Have To Say He Did A Really Good Job In The Other Figurines And The Staff Details I Was Very Impressed By

Shot A Little Back There You Know I Even Have To Say The Amount Of Detail Ways Blows Me Away What Hot Toys Can Put In Their Figures It’s Incredible I Mean I Do These Close-up Shots Of A Figure And It Holds I Mean

That It Doesn’t Really Need A No To Mention Hurting Her Lips It Looks Like She Is Wearing Lip Gloss I Did Nothing I Didn’t Apply Lip Gloss But You Can See How The Light From Her Lips Reflects Like She’s Wearing Makeup Now That’s Something I Debated When I Was Doing This Review

Black Widow Showtimes


No, I Was Going To Show You Guys How Much Attention He Got On His Show, I Must Admit I Was Curious To See How Far Zipper Goes And To See How Physically Perfect He Is And Then I Debate The Wall Candy Shown In The Video That I Will Get The Flag, I Don’t Want To Risk It,

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So I Said You Know I Get As Close As Possible I Will Take Off Her Clothes And Yeah That’s Very Stimulating Staff Yeah That’s What I’m Not Showing Up On A Different Anyway Note A Second Update, I’m Project Hall Of Armor I’m Working On


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