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Today We Have Another Banger Chapter for Chainsaw Man


Congrats to Fujimoto on Reaching the Milestone of 100 Chapters for This Series It’s Kind of Crazy to Think About however Yeah to Refresh Our Memories From the Last Chapter We Learned More About the War Devil and How She Shares a Body With Asa

We Saw Yoshida Return to the Story as He Recently Transferred to the Same High School as Denji and Assa Apparently Yoshida is Genuinely a High School Student

As Back in Part One Yoshida Tells Kishibe That He Has Finals Coming Up Which Can Imply That He’s Still in High School and Yoshida is Suspicious of Asa Slash the War Devil

Because She Asked if He Knew About Chainsaw Man Being in This School and He Responded by Saying That He’s Heard Rumors however That He Also Might Be within the School’s Devil Hunter Club So That Chapter Ended With Assad Joining the Devil Hunter Club and Being Grouped Up With

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Yoshida and This Other Character Now That We Are Caught Up Chapter 100 Begins With Our Group Club Members Searching for Devils Around the School We Get Introduced to Their Names Being Yuko and Yoshida Who Are Both Fans of Chainsaw Man

Now We Already Know Yoshida From Part One It Looks Like He’s Acting in Disguise however for Yuko It’s Possible That She Could Be the Daughter of Kusakabe Another Devil Hunter in Part One Who Protected Denji From All the International Assassins Because They Look a Lot Alike So

chainsaw man anime
Chainsaw Man Anime

They Could Be Related Somehow I Mean I’ve Heard People Say That This Could Be Dengy in Disguise or Maybe It’s Really Just a Different Person I Mean We Know Fujimoto Draws Characters Very Similarly

But Yeah as They Walk Across the Hallways We See Asa’s Face Being Very Pale Starting From the Awkwardness of Being Around a Yoshida to the Classmates Walking by and Taunting Assa for Trying to Get a Boyfriend So Fast After the Incident With Bucky and We Obviously Know It Was the War Devil Who Did That

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But Just in General It Seems Like the Death of Bucky Still Continues to Haunt Assa because the Anxiety Builds Up to the Point Where She Can’t Even Focus or Go on With Her Group Members

So She Decides to Bail Her Club and Leave the School When She Opens Up Her Locker to Get Her Shoes We See That It’s Covered in Raw Meat Which Can Indicate the Death of Bucky

Since Bucky Was a Type of Meat a Chicken a Poultry and This Act Was Most Likely Done by Her Classmates Asa is Clearly Getting Bullied Here and It Doesn’t Seem Like She’s in a Healthy State of Mind Yuko Asks if Asa is Okay

But She Leaves the School Barefooted and Says She’s Fine the Inner Personality of the War Devil Appears and Asks Asa if She Wants the Bullying Taken Care of however Asa Just Says She’s Fine Man This Chapter is Very Depressing

I Love It After Asa Keeps Saying She’s Fine Yuko Surprisingly Shouts Behind Her Saying She’s Definitely Not Fine Yuko Gives Her One of Her Shoe and Tells Asa That Now if You Wear One Shoe Only One of Your Feet Will Hurt and Tells Assa to Return

It if She Can Which Leads Them to Play This Sort of Chasing Game I Love This New Character Already Yuko is Such a Wholesome Person and Really Took Care or Distracted Asa’s Anxiety for a Bit I Mean as They Run Barefoot on One Leg We See Their Painful Expressions Guys is Running Barefoot on the Street

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That Painful Nonetheless It Was Awesome to See and They Eventually End Up at Yuko’s House Yuko Offers Asa Some Free Pair of Shoes Since Her Initial Pair at School is Obviously Filled With Raw Meat and Even When Asa Declines Yuko Says to Sell Them

If She Really Doesn’t Want Them Saying to Sell the Shoes if One Doesn’t Want Them Means That They Can Truly Have It Without Feeling Guilty Yuko Truly Has the Intention to Give This to Assa Without Needing Anything Back or Anything in Return and When

We See Asa Walk Around With Her New Pair of Shoes Her Face Sort of Feels Relieved One From the Pain of Walking Barefoot and Two It Seems Like Her Mind is a Bit Better Knowing That She Has Someone Like Yuko Who Did This Action for Her She’s Not Truly Alone in School and the Chapter Ends With a Bit of a Comedy Moment From the War Devil Saying Shall

We Go Sell These Shoes While Asla Calls Her an Idiot What a Really Great Chapter I Know a Lot of People Might Not Like It or You Know They Might Be Disappointed Because We Didn’t Get to See Denji Honestly I Think I’m Growing With Asa Slash the War Devil Being the Main Character for a While

You Know Seeing Her Anxious in School the Effecting Change of Bucky’s Death and the War Devil and I Think the Chapper Established a Lot of Character for Both Assa and Yuko Like I Said Earlier Yuko is Such a Wholesome Human Being Towards Asa and I Think We’ll See a Sort of Building Friendship because the Story Progresses

I Know within the Last Chapter I’ve Heard Some People within the Comment Section Predicting That This Character Could Be Dengy in Disguise and I’m Not Gonna Lie There Were Some Facial Expressions in This Chapter That Really Resonated With Denji’s Character however We’ll Have to Wait and See Like

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I Said within the Beginning Fujimoto Tends to Draw Characters Very Similarly Personally I’d Be Okay With Either Scenarios I Mean This Chapter Also Confirmed Yoshida Which We Already Knew within the Last Chapter

But to Get That Confirmation is Really Important and I Wonder if Asa Will Decide to Come Back to the Devil Hunter Club I Mean I Guess She Has to Since the War Devil Will Kill Her if She Doesn’t Um

But Maybe She’ll Feel a Bit More Comfortable Thanks to Yuko Let Me Know What You Guys Thought of This Week’s Chapter Did You Like It Did You Dislike It I’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts as You Guys Know I Do Rate the Comment Section


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