One Piece Film Red Where To Watch Download, Review

One Piece Film Red Where To Watch Download, Review, One Piece Film Red 6 August 2022 Watch, Download, Review


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A New One-piece Movie Has Officially Been Announced One-piece Film Red Is Coming Next Year So In This Post We’re Gonna Break Down Everything We Know

About This Movie The People Behind This Project Otis Comments The Teaser Then

We’re Gonna Take All That Information And Try To Speculate What The Movie Is Actually About


Off By Breaking Down Some Basic Information Now This Was A Pretty Big Project That They’ve Been Teasing For A While They Officially Announced The Movie To Go Along With One Piece Film Red Episode 1000

They Had Dropped A Lot Of Hints But Now That The Official Announcement Has Been Dropped We Have A Lot More

Information To Go Off Of First Off The Movie Is Set To Release In Japan On August 6 And 2022. Now As Of Right Now There Is No Date For An International


Release But On The Movies Official Website It Does Say Coming Soon So We Should Hopefully Have An International

Release Date Coming In The Future Beyond That Though We Also Got To Find Out The Team Behind This Project And The Most Important Thing To Know Here Is That This Story Is An Original Story By Oda

Himself Oda Is Also Listed As A Producer For This Film But He’s Been Doing That For The Past Couple Of Films In Earlier

One-piece Movies Oda Just Mostly Did The Designs For The Characters And Approve The Story But Recently He’s Been Much

More Hands-on Being An Executive Producer On Film Z And Film Gold He Was Also A Supervisor For Stampede So Oda Being Listed As A Producer For This


Movie Is Nothing Surprising But Him Creating An Original Story For A Film That Doesn’t Happen Very Often In Fact

The Only Other Movie Where He’s Written An Original Story For Was Strong World And Oda Actually Did That Because It Was The 10 Year Anniversary So It Looks Like He’s Doing It Once Again For Another Special Occasion Side Note


I Have No Idea How This Man Even Finds Time To Write Another Original Story God Bless Oda Man The Man Is A Workhorse But Yeah Film Red Will Be An Original Story By

Oda And Because Of That A Lot Of People Are Asking Whether Or Not The Movie Is Gonna Be Canon And While So Far There Hasn’t Been Any Confirmation On This

I Think Most Likely Most Of The Movie Will Not Be Canon Because First Off Out Of The 14 one piece pink movie .we have Already Had None Of Them Have Been Completely


Canon Besides Like The Recap Movies So I Don’t Think This Movie Is Going To Go Against That And The Majority Of The Plot Is Not Going To Be Canon At The Same Time

I Don’t Think It’s Impossible That We Get Some Canon Material Because With Strong World The Last Movie Oda Had Written

We Did Get Some Canon Material The Main Antagonist Of Strong World Was Shiki And Although The Movie Itself Was Mostly Not Canon


We Did Get Shiki’s Backstory With Chapter Zero Which Is Canon So Depending On The Characters Involved With One Piece Film Red .

We Might Get Some Canon Material Just Like That It Could Come In The Form Of Some Backstory Like Shiki’s Backstory Or Maybe Some Additional Lore To The World.

We’ll Talk More About That When We Get To The Speculation So For The Time Being Let’s Keep Talking About The Team Behind.

The Project As Far As Oda Goes That’s Pretty Much All For Him He Wrote The Story And He’s Going To Be A Producer But Besides Oda We Also Have The Director Of The Movie Goro Taniguchi.


He’s Been In The Industry For A Very Long Time And In Fact He Actually Directed The First Ever one piece pink movie Anime Adaptation Back In 1998 He Directed An Ova Of one piece pink movie Called Defeat Him.

The Pirate Gonzack Which Was Actually Released Before The Anime Itself So That’s Really Interesting That He Directed The First Ova For one piece pink movie And Now Is Coming Back For The fifteenth Movie.

He Did Get A Lot More Experience During That Time Spam Working On Numerous Projects But The Most Famous Work He’s Probably Known For Is Code Geass Season One And Two And That Show Is Incredibly.

Popular And Pretty Critically Acclaimed Personally I Dropped It Somewhere Near The End Of Season One But Honestly I Can’t Remember Why Like Every Time.


I Think Back To The Show I Remember It Being Good So Maybe I Should Go Pick It Back Up But Yeah That’s The Director Of The Movie And There’s One More Person.

That We Know Is Working On The Project And That Is Tutomu Koroiwa Who Wrote The Screenplay For Those Of You That Don’t Know What That Means Essentially.

He Took Oda’s Story And Turned It Into A Film Script As Far As His Experience Goes He’s Also Familiar With One Piece Film Red Because He Wrote The Screenplay For Film Gold So That’s The Team Behind The Project.

I Think It’s In Good Hands So Now Let’s Move On To Otis Comments Once The Announcement Of The Movie Dropped Oda Also Gave A Statement.

One Piece Film Red Where To Watch Download, Review, One Piece Film Red 6 August 2022 Watch, Download, Review One Piece Film Red Where To Watch One Piece Film Red 2022 One Piece Film Red Release
One Piece Film Red Where To Watch 6 Auguest 2022

He Said We’re Making A Movie Red I’m Tired Of Drawing Old Men In Movies Lol Let Me Draw A Girl This Is A Character.

We Wanted To Create Now Then He Goes On To Talk About The Director And His History With One Piece Film Red And Then Goes On To Say Now We Have A Lot Of Surprises For You In Store.

The New Movie Read Please Let Your Fantasy Fuel Your Imagination While You Look Forward To It So Yeah Those Were Oda’s Comments And It’s Mostly Him Just Hyping Up The Movie But In Classic Ode To Fashion He Did Drop Us A Little Hint.

Which Is That There Will Be A Female Character That’s Probably Going To Be Very Important Now First Off That News Alone Is Very is Always Dope To See Some New Interesting Female Characters

I’ve Always Said The Straw Hats Are Kind Of A Sausage Fest And We Need More Female Members So It’s Dopethat Otis Doing Something Different Here

Creating A New Female Character For This Movie But As Far As Oda’s Comments Go That’s Really All We Get But Luckily We Also Got A Teaser

We Got Both A Video Teaser And An Image Teaser And Honestly Hey’re Kind Of Similar In The Video Teaser We Pretty Much Just Get Shown.

The Image Teaser Which Is The Girl That’s Probably Gonna Be The Major Character In The Movie Now As Far As This Teaser Image Goes

It’s Really Only A Sketch So We’re Gonna Have To Get Our Detective Glasses Out First Off The Main Thing To Notice Are The Wings

Which Most Likely Means That She’s A Sky Island Resident Which Honestly Gives Me Even More Hype Because I’ve Always Felt Like The Sky.

Islands Need To Be Explored More Even With Skypia I Really Wish We Spent More Time Up There And Got To Explore More And Really Since Guy Pia.

We Haven’t Gotten Much Sky Island Stuff Outside Of Like Nami Going To Weather Ria Or Dnl Cover Story Which Didn’t Even Get Adapted Into The Anime So I’m Really Excited To See How This Movie Explores.

The Sky Islands More And This Is Where I Feel Like We Could Get More Canon Material In Terms Of Lore Because I Feel Like It’s Possible That Within The Main Story.

We’re Not Gonna Have A Lot More Chances To Explore The Sky Islands So This Could Be Otis Way Of Giving Us More Lore In World Building.

I Mentioned Earlier Even Though The Main Plot Of The Movie Might Not Be Canon The Environments That We Go To And All The World Building


That Take Place That Could Be Canon So Yeah As Far As The Female Character Goes The Wings Are Definitely A Major Takeaway .

The Other Important Thing To Know Is That She Has A Microphone On And It Looks Like She’s Either Singing Or Shouting Now Most Likely This Is Hinting At Her

Role In The Plot Because In The Video Teaser The Narration Says Will Her Voice Bring Forth Eternal Happiness Or Endless Imprisonment So It Seems Like Whatever She’s Doing With Her Voice Whether That’s Singing Or Shouting

That’s Gonna Create Some Kind Of Conflict For The Movie And I Think Most Likely It’s Only Gonna Relate To The Plot Of The Movie And Not Gonna Affect Anything Can It But Yeah As Far As The Teasers Go.

That’s Really All We Get For The Female Character But If We Dig A Little Deeper We Do Get More Info On The Websites

Where It Says An Almighty Voice With Fiery Red Locks So Once Again It’s Really Hammering Home Her Voice Being An Important Thing But Also With That Statement.


We Now Know That She Has Red Hair Which Makes Sense Because It Is Film Red But At The Same Time She’s Not Gonna Be The Only Person With Red Hair Involved In The Movie

Because The Other Person Involved In The Movie That’s Pretty Much Confirmed At This Point Is Shanks First Off They Kind Of Teased.

It With The Title Of The Movie Which Has Three Slashes Across The D Like Shanks’s Eye But Then In The Video Teaser They Straight Up Showed A Picture Of Him


He’s Definitely In The Movie And Listen While I’m Excited That We’re Getting A New Female Character And We’re Exploring The Sky Islands More The Main Reason.

Everybody Is Hyped About This Movie Is Because Of Shanks Because God Damn How Long Have We Waited For This Man To Take Action

I Mentioned This Before But The Man Is Consistently In The Top 10 Popularity And He Might Barely Be In 10 Chapters Of The Entire Story.

So Just The Fact That We’re Getting Shanks In A Movie Where We Get To See More Of Him And Explore His Character More Is Really Exciting At The Same Time

This Also Makes Me Think Even More So That The Plot Of The Movie Is Not Going To Be Canon Because Unless The Entire Movie Is Like A Prequel And Like A Backstory


It’d Be Kind Of Weird If We See Shanks Take Action In Present Day In A Movie Before The Actual Manga Now It Is Important To Note That In Last Year’s Jump Festa Oda Did Tease The Red Haired Man Making A Move At This Point

I’m Not Sure If He’s Referring To The Movie Or The Actual Story But There’s Definitely A Lot Of Different Ways

That Oda Could Create An Incredibly Interesting Story For This Movie Which We’ll Speculate About In A Little Bit Because I Want To Get Through

This Last Bit Of Info Which Is Not Really Info While Doing Research For This Post I Saw Multiple Articles Say That It Was Confirmed By Funimation That Patrick Redfield Is The Antagonist Now

For Those Of You That Don’t Know Patrick Redfield Is A Villain From A Video Game Called One Piece Film Red Unlimited World Red So With The Movie Being Called Film Red And Also His Nickname Is Like Red The Aloof It Would Make Sense That He Fits In The

Movie I’m Not Sure Where This Confirmation Came From That He’s Gonna Be In The Movie All The Links That I

Clicked On Was Linked To A Funimation Article Where They Didn’t Talk About Them At All So Either I’m Just Blind Or Some Of These Articles Just Like Looked


Up Red Antagonists And Found Him But Yeah Just Wanted To Put That Info Out There Because That Confused The Hell Out Of Me With That Said Let’s Get To The

Fun Part And Talk About Some Speculation On What This Movie Is Going To Be About The First Question I Really Wonder Is

Whether Or Not This Movie Is Going To Be In The Present Or The Past Because What’s Been Kind Of Interesting To Me Is That Out Of All The Promotion We’ve Seen So Far There Has Been Any Straw Hats Now I Gotta Come Clean Here And Say That I Haven’t Actually Seen Any One Piece Film Red.

Movies Listen I Know I’m A Fraud I’m A Fake Fan But If There Is A Silver Lining I Do Plan On Watching All Of Them.

Eventually And Maybe Doing A Watch Party In My Discord So Join The King Pirates Discord And Be On The Lookout For That.

But Yeah Because I Haven’t Seen The Movies Before I Don’t Know How They Really Promoted Those Movies So I’m Not.

Sure If It’s Pretty Standard To Not See Any Straw Hats In The Earlier Promotions But At Least For Me The Fact That They Don’t Have Any Straw Hats In Their


Promotions Makes It Possible That Maybe The Straw Hats Aren’t In It If That’s The Case I Do Think It’d Be Really Dope If We Got A Movie Set In The Past And Although I Still Think Most Likely The

Movie’s Not Going To Be Canon If It’s Set In The Past It Makes It Much More Possible For It To Be Canon So I’m Really Interested To See Which Route Oda Goes With It Is He Going To Give Us A Prequel Or Is It Going To Be A Little Side Story With Shanks I Feel Like As

Far As Exploring Shanks’s Character And His Backstory Oda Will Want To Save A Lot Of That For The Main Story But I Could Definitely See Us Getting Like The

Formation Of The Red Haired Pirates Honestly Seem More Of Like Yassop And Lucky Ruin Then Beckman Would Be Dope As Well And That Could Be Like The Little

Bit Of Canon Story Similar To Chapter Zero So I Do Think One Way Or Another We Will Get More On The Red Hair Pirates In This Movie See How They All Interact


With Each Other What The Non-commanders Are Like A Lot Of People Have Talked About Mihawk Being Involved In This Movie As Well Which If This Movie Is

Said In The Past He Most Definitely Will I’m Not Sure If We’re Gonna See The Legendary Duel Or Anything Like That But Just Seeing Shanks And Mihawk Interact A Little More Would Be Dope On Top Of That

Like I Mentioned Earlier I Really Hope We Get More Sky Island Lore Hopefully We Get To See Some Of The Other Sky Islands And More Things Unique To That

Environment Once Again If It’s Said In The Past Maybe We Get A Little And Now Cameo There’s A Lot Of Theories That Connect The Sky Island Stuff As Well


Because It’s Definitely Connected To The Ancient History So Oda Could Definitely Use The Movie To Drop Some Hints As Well And Honestly Even Though I Would Bet

Against The Entire Movie Being Canon I Do Think This Has A Chance Of Having A Lot More Canon Material Than We Expect Especially Recently Oda’s Been Leaning On The Sbs’s And Beaver Cars To Give Out Information And Even More So For Things Like The Fights He’s Kind Of Left It Up

To The Anime To Adapt To Even More So Now That He’s Writing Another Movie I Can See Him Using It To Expand The World Of One Piece Film Red But Yeah This Movie Has Me Really Excited I Kind Of Want To Go Back

And Re-watch A Lot Of The Other Movies Now So Once Again Join The Discord And Be On A Lookout For Some Watch Parties


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