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Today We Are Going To Make A Stitch From Lilo And Stitch So Let’s Start Making A Cute Stitch Let’s Start By Drawing Her Big Nose First

So I’m Going To Come Here And Draw A Big Curve So It’s Going To Be Right In The Center It’s A Nice Big Curve And Round It From Here And Connect At The Center So Let’s Come Right Here In The Center And Then Go Up So Its The Nose Is Actually A Dark Blue But Then He Has These Nostrils So I’m Going To Come Here And If You Like It Go Ahead And Draw A Shape Like This Right Here

If You Want That Detail And The Same Thing Here But If You Don’t Want That Detail Just Shade It And I Mean Paint It All Dark Blue, Well, From There We’ll Come To The Edge And The Eyes Will Draw A Big Circle For

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15 Top Stitch Wallpapers For Free


So Here Say To Give Them Some Space And Almost Here I’ll Go Ahead And Draw A Circle So I’m Making Eyes Uh Basically A Circle Because It’s A Little Bit Easier To Draw So Much In Here Just Give It Some Space It’s All Right There And Right There So Now That We Have The Circles I’m Going To Come Over Here And Put In A Big Highlight Right Here Then A Big Circle Right Here And Then A Smaller One And An Angle Right Here Just For Some More Sparkle Now I’m Going To Shade It All In One Thing Over Here So Big A Highlight Here And Then A Small One Okay So We Have Two Humble Eyes Looking At Our Camera, Round It Up A Little Bit, Ok So There Se Uh See We Gotta Fix The Mouth So Let’s Come Right Down Here Where The Center Is I’m Just Going To Bring Down A Really Little Little Line

Then From There I’m Going Down And Back Up Just Below The Eye Curve So We Want To Draw This Curve To The Right Here Under The Mouth And I Just Go Ahead And Stop It Here So Same Thing Go Down Here So Not Deep And As We Come Right Down This Eye Goes Back Up And Closes It Like A Stitch In The Center Of The Eye Lovely Smile And Right Down Here I’m Going Very Lightly Just Draw A Curve Just Below It So From There We Can Go Ahead And Draw Its Head

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So Come To The Center Where My Eye Came Out Just Say A Little Bit About It Going And It’s Going To Come Right Down So Nice And Shallow Very Soft Curve Almost Straight Really So Go Ahead And Connect Right Down There Okay So From There You Know It’s Going To Sound Weird Huh We Fix It Give We Need To Go Up


Stitch Wallpaper Wallpaper Of Stitch Wallpapers Of Stitch Stitch And Angel Wallpaper


So Now We’re Going To Go Up Here And Then We’re Going To Drag This Point Around Here Because It’s Easier For My Hand To Go Down And Then We’re Going To Bring It Up A Little Bit So It’s Very Thin At The Top And Wide At The Bottom, So That’s Where I Will Stop And Draw Some Zigzags For Some Of The Fur I Think It Goes


The Other Opposite Way And Then Back Down And Connect Now That We Have The Shape Of The Head Let’s Go Ahead And Around The Eye Side Draw The Patch So Nice And High Let’s Say About That Right Here I’m Going To Make A Curve And We’re Going To Aim Towards This Part, Going To Draw This Curve Just Below The Nose

I Mean Right Here And Connect Around The Eye And Out And Back Up There So We Have That One So Let’s Draw The Other Side About Right Here So Once Again We’re Going To Come Up Right Next To The Nose If You Don’t Want This Hard Line Right Here So You Can Paint It Uh Light Blue And Then Bring It Like The Other Side.

Cute Wallpapers Of Stitch

Ok So We Have Patches Here And Then We Come Over It And We’re Going To Make Another Curve Here For Some Detail And The Same Thing Right Here Above And Then We Can Add Some Curve Right On Top Of Something Else For Detail It’s Going To Add A Little Bit Of Two Curves And So As You Can See I Made These Eyes A Circle

 Because It’s A Little Easier To Draw A Circle A Straight Circle But If You Want It Can Be More Want To Sew Come Right Here In This Area And I’m Going To Sharpen It So It’s Up To You If You Want This Part Right Here And Then We’re Just Going To Join Right Here So You Just Make The Sharp Part Want It Right Here And Then Shade It In The Same Thing Over Here And Shade It In A Way That It’s Like A Little More Stitching For The Eyes, But Of Course A Circle In There Is Fine Too,



So Finally Just Start Coming Together Now Ears We Have To Pull So Big Humble Ears So Let’s Come Here And I’ll Give Myself A Point Right Here And About Here I’ll Go Ahead And Go Up So You Can Make Them Nice And Want Big, Right Here Round It’s Down And In This Area I’m Gonna Come For A Small Notch And I’ll Get It Back To My Point I’m Not Sure

 If It’s Too Thin Or Not But Ok We Just Go With It So Right Here In This Area I’m Going To Go Ahead And Make A Curve For Some Details And Here Now For The Other Side We Have To Draw A Point Right There And Right Under The Eye Right Here So I Have That Now Part That’s To Go Up Like The Other Side And I’ll Draw The Point I Know I’m Almost The Same Height I’ll Tell Myself A Point Right Here Is

Where It Curves The Exact Same Way And Don’t Worry If It’s Not The Same It Won’t Do You Just Want To Roughly Simulate The Size And Shape So Go Right Here Like The Other Side Give A Little Mark And Once Again When You Have This Point So It’s So Easy You Know

Where To Go And We Get It Back From There Then We Work Out The Details Same Thing Over Here Ok Finally With His Head Now Ok For His Cute Little Body This Area Right Here I’m Going To Draw A Curve Here And And Let’s See About This Area Here As Well So Cool And Centered That I’m Going To Draw These Two Curves From There First, I’m Going To Bring It Down A Little Bit, Widen It A Little Bit At The Bottom So That’s About Right I’m Going To Go Ahead And Connect It Am,

So This Is A Basic Shape You Want To Make A Little Bit Wider And A Little Bit Slanted Let’s Do The Same Thing On This Side And Connect, Then Uh From There Come To The Middle And We’re Just Going To Add An Ittle Curve Right Here But A Little Bit Of A Curve And Another Slight Curve Comes In There And Then Comes To The Side,

We’re Just Going To Draw A Circle Like This And Bring It Back In The Exact Same Thing On The Other Side And Bring It Up Again From There I’m Going To Come In Here And Whatever Space I Have Left, Just Draw A Little Angled Line To Connect The Legs To The Body And Then For Some Of The Details In This Area I’m Going To Draw A Circle Right Inside And For Some Toenails So I’m Just Going To Make It Thicker So Maybe Four Of Them There’s Like So Cute Right Here The Same Thing And Once Again One Two Three And Four And Then For The Hands I Going To

Do The Same Thing But Just One And Two I’ll Do It Three, Same Thing Here And Then Last But Not Least We Have To Add Something Here, Just Draw Some Curves Here Some Uh Fur On Top Of That Belly Area Of ​​his Chest And That Uh There’s So Much New Stitching That I’m Drawing For You And I Really Hope You Enjoy It And Thank You So Much For Watching And Share If You Like It.


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